Photography has always been a very intimate and a personal leisure one can have. And it being our utmost passion, we raise the bar with every passing project, affectionating it with art and science behind it. Let it be an event where two souls become one, or a beloved project or product which you’ve designed and groomed or for branding of your company, we provide photography solution for each and every aspect of commercial photography.

Film making is an Art of showing the tremendous empire one has built, or it can also narrate a beautiful story you have and memories you want to create.  Every business, product or a story is real only when a person sees it, and then there are the events which create once in a lifetime memories. Making a film is a collaboration of a multiple expertise varying from concept building, cinematography, production, editing and sound design. At The Oscar Productions we have a dedicated team handling film creation and all that razzmatazz behind lights, camera and action!